Body and Mind Academy

Body&Mind Academy means:
  • one year long stationary course;
  • interactive materials for adults 50+;
  • intellectual, physical and social activeness;
  • the Guide for trainers;
  • almost 100 exercises for seniors;
  • 9 videos withs instructions;
  • fun for trainees;
  • help for trainers!
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The objective of the Body & Mind Academy project was to create a program of the yearlong course supporting physical, social and intellectual activation of people 55+. As a result of cooperation of 4 partner institutions, the following were created:
  • e-book with scenarios of activation classes to be carried out as part of a stationary course;
  • web application with exercises that the students conduct as part of the homework with motivational messages for everyday physical, social or intellectual activity (366 messages);
  • Video tutorials for trainers showing the use of various motor activities in working with a group.

The resulting materials were tested on a regular basis with a group of seniors under the so-called Test Body & Mind Academy. Over a dozen people over 55 years of age participated in the classes.
Return to full activity can be considered by most of senior adults as opportunity to become fully legitimate members of the society again. This factor will strengthen seniors’ chances for self-realization, enhance the ability for better expression, and boost their social skills. All those so called “soft competencies” are crucial for sustained and permanent self-development and for healthy functionality of senior adults in European society.

lilla house

Lilla House Dance Studio is over 10 year old dance school experienced in dance education on the Lodz and nationwide market.


The Normal City Phenomenon Foundation has been active in Łódź in the area of sustainable transport, civil society, urban space and culture since 2009.

TEI of Crete

T.E.I. Crete is a Public Educational Institution. Its constitutional mission is the Bachelor’s degree in 15 specialties.


Monguz is the essence of our two-decades expertise gained in the field of cultural heritage and knowledge management IT.

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