The application complements the yearlong stationary course of Body & Mind Academy and Guide content. Its main task is to provide a set of homework for class participants. They will find tasks on physical, intellectual and social activity there.

Application Functionalities:
  • creating a new Body & Mind Academy (own course with ready content);
  • adding / removing trainers conducting stationary classes;
  • adding / removing BMA participants;
  • matching a set of homework to the individual needs of each BMA participant;
  • creating and checking attendance list for stationary classes;
  • checking the activity and progress of individual BMA participants;
  • sending messages to individual participants or to the whole group;
  • calendar of stationary classes and other BMA events;
  • inspiration for daily activities by displaying "Ideas of the day" and tasks to be carried out;
  • gamification - organization of competition between participants based on the results of their activity.

To start using the application, one must register as an Academy Coordinator. Each application is verified by the System Administrator and usually within 24 hours the login password is sent to the e-mail address provided during registration.