The Normal City Phenomenon Foundation has been active in Łódź in the area of sustainable transport, civil society, urban space and culture since 2009. The foundation: takes part in public consultations and gives opinions on both local and national documents undertakes actions which aim at increasing the quality of public/urban spaces (pays attention to ‘aggressive’ advertising) was the organizer of the Łódź Critical Mass – a regular gathering for presenting the interests of cyclists leads info-educational services concerning sustainable transport cooperates with local and national institutions which have similar profiles cooperates with over 200 national public libraries - this lead to the organization of the ‘Bicycool Library’ event since 2010 and an annual nationwide conference ‘Phenomenal Library’ strives to implement interesting architectural solutions in Łódź, which increase the quality of public city spaces, such as for example parklet (a place located between parking spaces for pedestrians to rest) or woonerf (a public space which combines the functions of a street, walkway, parking space and a place for residents to meet) The foundation has a permanent team of coworkers, which mainly consists of the members of the program board and management (13 people), most of whom perform voluntary work on the majority of projects. They are specialized in various fields, among which are: law, administration, promotion, management, librarianship, culture. Additionally, they gain knowledge concerning civil activities. The activities are carried out with the aid of grants and subventions, mainly on the base of civil law contracts. The main goal of the Foundation is to contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of Łódź and its surrounding regions (as well as Poland and Europe).