Monguz Informaciotechnologiai Kft.

Monguz is the essence of our two-decades expertise gained in the field of cultural heritage and knowledge management IT. We unify our cultural and science related software, hardware and content solutions (named as ‘cultware’) under this brand, which together make up a coherent whole. The name Qulto® also indicates the philosophy we owe our success to: we think in openness, networks and cooperation. We assemble our solutions from lego-like components, which communicate with each other according to international standards. Thus, our codes can easily be recycled and we can quickly build new solutions from them. Also , with the help of standards, we integrate them to either open source or business solutions. We gladly use open source or freely available components, too, and we return our developments back to the related online communities. We consider the cultural and scientific contents and the related metadata to be a semantic network, and this approach serves as a shared basis for our solutions ranging from inventories to gamification.